Top Ten Excuses For Late Tax Return

People will always make excuses for being late. Filing tax return is no exception. Despite the fact that we have ten months from the end of the tax year to 31 January, the last day for submitting your tax return, quite a few people still manage not to submit on time. The penalties for not submitting your tax return on time can be huge depending on how late you are and how much tax you end up owing. It is no surprise then that some try to wriggle out of it by presenting an excuse to HM Revenue & Customs as to why they were unable to submit their tax return on time. Here are some really nice excuses that people have come up with in the past:

Top 10 ‘oddest excuses’ for sending in a late tax return | Moneywise Thu, 02 Jan 2014 12:39:37 GMT

The deadline for filling in – and paying – your online tax return is looming yet people come up with the most bizarre excuses for not paying it on time, according to HM Revenue and Customs. Meanwhile, one man from the South East said he was cruising around the world on his yacht and could only pick up his post when on dry land and one financial services firm from Kent claimed that “our business doesn’t really do anything”. Most surprisingly, one LondonĀ 

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