Small Business and The Mobile Revolution

Do you run a business? If so have you ever thought about mobile strategy for your bisiness and how it can help your company set up? Well neither has the majority of small businesses out there. However, doing business with mobile is one of these new technologies that have taken the business world by storm. The funny thing is, not many businesses know about this modern day phenomenon and even those who are aware of it think that it is something that only big businesses can exploit. Here is a post that that sheds so much light on mobile business…

Mobile Strategy for Small Businesses – Moz

http://moz.comSun, 06 Oct 2013 23:15:00 GMT

For a small business on a tight budget, a mobile strategy may seem like a costly extra. This post covers why SMEs should care about mobile, and what they can do about it (even on a smallbusiness budget). This is a tactics- 

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