Small Business Accounting & Tax Advise – A Good Reason To Incorporate Your Business

People frequently accountants in UK about the benefits of being a Ltd company as opposed to a sole trader or partnership. Well most people know about the fact that being a Ltd company offers the business person an opportunity to protect their personal assets against the perils of business associated risks. However there is a much common and equally important reason for carrying on a business through a Ltd company as opposed to a sole trader and this is related to tax benefits that can accrue from proper tax planning. Here is a good explanation of common tax planning situation that can save a substantial amount of tax for the business owner on an annual basis:

Tax & NI. Benefit of Being a Limited Company for the Small Business Mon, 20 May 2013 16:59:27 GMT

There are many good reasons for becoming a limited company. The main benefit of limited liability is that debts incurred by a company are the company’s.

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