Fix Your Mortgage Now, Say The Experts.

Getting a mortgage has never been the more difficult. That said mortgage rate has never been lower. The low cost of mortgage on the surface, looks likely to continue following the recent pledge by the bank of England governor to maintain the current base rate of 0.5% until 2015 at the least. In spite of this pledge, a lot of experts are predicting an increase in the rates being offered by the banks and Building Societies and advice first time buyers and those moving home to act now if they want to secure the best deals. 

Fix your mortgage now and don’t be lulled by base rate promises Sun, 16 Feb 2014 08:00:46 GMT

But it was partially withdrawn at the end of January, with the government aiming to divert lending to small business rather than households. Meanwhile, April will see the start of tighter lending criteria, as the long-awaited 

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